Our StorY

Party Quest is built on a belief in stories. And not just any stories. Not stories that leave you when you leave the room. But stories that stay with you and live on in your heart and mind. 

Lead Creative, Paul Macklin, started working as an actor and children's entertainer back in 2012 after completing his post-graduate degree in creative writing. He knows all about stories. This is his. 

"When I was seven, I went to Disney World in Florida. It was amazing. I've since been back three times as an adult. They don't do anything by halves. It's an immersive experience, with themed setting, music, characters, everything. As soon as you walk through those gates, you're part of the story. You're welcomed in to their world. 

"I want to bring that same feeling of magic to children around the world. Children that won't always get the chance to go to Disney World. Children who crave that extra something special. We live in an age where movies and TV have such great special effects, that children's entertaiment needs to step it up a notch.

"Children love to be part of the action. They want to be swallowed up by the story. They want to affect the outcome. And with Party Quest, they can. They move the story forwards. They save the day. They become the heroes.

"Party Quest aspires to bring the magic of stories to you."


Our Mission

To breathe life into and nurture the creativity and imagination of children and adults alike.

Our Vision

For children and adults to leave our events full of vivid, happy memories.

Our VAlues

We are very open about our beliefs and the causes we support. 

Imagination - We believe that imagination is crucial to developing all manner of skills, from artistic to social and scientific.

Individuality - We recognise that no two people are the same, whether they be children or adults - we all have unique needs and characteristics that need nurturing.

Diversity - We welcome people from all different backgrounds, respecting and celebrating our differences.

Charity - We think that if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to affect change in the world - you should. So we support and create partnerships with a range of charities in our local community. 

Local - We pride ourselves on supporting local talent and small businesses from our area. If you'd like to work with us, drop us a message!

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