Purpose built for you

You choose the theme

We've got some of the more basic themes covered - but I'm guessing you want something a bit different. Something with the wow-factor. Something that really epitomises your child's personality.

Children's parties are not a one-fits-all deal. Sometimes they need to be tailored specifically to suit the individual. And that's how you get the best experience.

We are restricted against themes that are protected by copyright, but apart from that the world is your oyster. You choose the theme, and we'll do the rest. We'll find the set, the props, the games, and we'll even write the story.

We Write the Story

What's really special about our bespoke parties, is that we write a story totally from scratch. Something that has the birthday child's character all over it. A story that includes all their favourite things.

Expertly crafted by a professional author and playwright, your child's birthday will be perfectly tailored to your theme and your specific requirements.

And at the end of it all, the birthday child will receive a copy of their story in a beautifully illustrated novella, made just for them.