Let one of our characters

Pay you a visit


CHAracter visits

Our characters are from places all over the globe (and some from even further afield). They've explored the deepest jungles, fought on pirate ships, caught pixies, travelled through time, and had tea with a March Hare. 

Each of our characters has stories to tell and they want to tell them to you.


Meet the hatter


"WHY is a raven like a writing desk?"

Cursed to live out his days at an endless tea party with a Dormouse and a March Hare, the Hatter has been driven mad by a constant stream of tea and cakes. But that doesn't mean he doesn't know a thing or two!

The Hatter is an expert in all things Wonderland (and hats, of course).

If you're having a fantasy or Wonderland-themed school day, why not invite the Hatter along to show the children what a real tea-party is like. They'll learn about classic fantasy books, Wonderland, and maybe a couple of hat facts too. The Hatter is playful and will engage the children through games and songs. 

Meet Joe Silver


"What could possibly go wrong?"

Joe Silver grew up on the move. Like him, his parents were adventurers and explorers. He saw wondrous places all around the world, and he's been on numerous adventures. He knows all there is to know about taking risks and travelling the world.

Lost artefacts, missing treasure - Joe has all the stories.

If your children are learning all about geography, explorers, and the distant reaches of the world, why not invite Joe Silver along to get the children excited about all the wonders of the world. Combined with games, Joe Silver will bring his life-long adventure to you. 



"These creatures need our protection"

Trained in the arts of magic at the Thornwood Academy of Druidry, Janus Jackanapes excels in the care of magical creatures and environments. His interest of animals and nature extends to the non-magical world and all living beings within it.

Janus knows all about caring for nature and preventing devastating changes to our world.

If you're having either a magical-themed day, or a day about nature and protecting the environment, you should definitely invite along a specialist - Janus can run workshops on magical creatures and alchemy, or on the care of animals and our world.

Meet Professor Pyro



Time travel might have addled Professor Pyro's mind, but he's still full of interesting stories about dinosaurs and other periods of history. And while his scientific endeavours aren't always successful, they're always good fun.

Pyro loves dinosaurs and journeying back through time.

If your children want to learn more about dinosaurs, or maybe watch a few experiments go wrong, why not invite the mad Professor Pyro to your school? Pyro can run workshops on pyrotechnics or about dinosaurs!

Meet Captain O'Goode


"Have YEr got what it takes?"

The fierce and ferocious Captain O'Goode is an infamous pirate who had the seven seas at his mercy. From treasure islands to rum-running, the Captain has seen it all. He was born on the seas, and he'll likely die on the seas.

The Captain is an expert in all things piratey and sea-faring. 

If your children are learning about pirates and the history of sea-faring voyages, why not invite our expert Captain O'Goode along for some fun and games, all while your little landlubbers learn about the high seas!