This is Island Quest

A two-hour quest about hidden treasure, ideal for up to 30 creative, imaginative children. 




Explorer and adventurer Joe Silver has invited the birthday child and their friends on an exciting expedition to the mysterious island of Aurora to find and recover the lost treasure of infamous pirate Captain O’Goode. But things go awry when the Captain’s cursed journal is opened. Can the children reverse the curse, find the treasure, and escape home in time for tea? There’s only one way to find out…

Island Quest is a new kind of party. It is a party with a narrative. 

Children love stories, and they love to be involved. It is the perfect birthday adventure for highly creative and imaginative boys and girls. The children will face a number of fast-paced games and fun puzzles as they make their way through an original story that makes them the heroes.

Capped at 30 children, ideal for groups of 15-20.


What it includes


  • Professionally trained, DBS-checked Actor and Children's Entertainer
  • An original, interactive story in which your child becomes the hero
  • Five escape room-inspired puzzles and challenges
  • Over ten fast-paced games chosen to suit the age of the birthday child
  • Beautiful themed set and props
  • Speaker and microphone system with themed music
  • Professionally designed e-invites for your guests